16/4/19 Uploaded CWaC and Frodsham Play Strategies. - did most of Martins requirements (15/4/19) - Removed Frodsham Play Strategy

2/4/19 19th March minutes uploaded and 14th May meeting dates added, resized home gallery images - restructured home page spirit of frodsham and get involved

1/4/19 text on help for policy amentded from resident to residents

26/3/19 used the exif removal on images in Get Involved

22/3/19 Used gimp to remove exif data (when exporting) on a couple of images

22/3/19 Spirit of Frodsham typos, Home page images changed, Images added to all pages. Links to castle park house added where appropriate. Policy Statement survey created. favicon.ico changed. Old site redirected NOW LIVE

21/3/19 Gallery images resized again, meeting dates put on Get Involved and meetings page. 4th March minutes uploaded, footer logo lightened, Some typos done and Contact details added to Contact us. Images added to Spirit of Frodsham. Images changed on get involved

19/3/19 GDPR link added to documents and 'About Us' menu directed to Biographies

18/3/19 Get Involved page changed with more images, gallery created, Spirit of Frodsham added, footer logo changed

17/3/19 Gill & Andrew Biography updated, Source renamed Documents, Footer added,Link to groups added, Aims and Vision added to home page, Renamed Surveys as Get Involved and surveys added as sidebar
Installed Flexicontact and contact us page set up, installed wweb surveys and trial town survey set up

15/3/19 Increased default font size to extra-large & removed text-size feature

14/3/19 Installed DX Fontawesome (pm)

13/3/19 Changed Surveys menu link from 'Category list' view to 'Blog' view

11/3/19 Brownies and Employers survey images changed (they were rotated on mobile view)
Bio's started

10/3/19 GDPR page, links, and menu created
Tabs extension for meetings installed, experimented with large image across top

9/3/19 Template changed to Cloudbase3 and installed DJ-Image Slider. Uninstalled IT_Charity template and sigplus extension
Slide show started on home page with links to updated Call for Sites, Public Survey & Festival in the Park pages
Slide show links created for all surveys - and survey pages updated
links to email,twitter & facebook added
Text added to Home page, text size option added

8/3/19 Published Menu in 'Offcanvas' position to cater for mobile devices
FNP Meetings page completed with group meeting minutes
Launch Event page added with links
Links added to Green Spaces Consultation page
Source and Reports page added with links and menu
Youth group survey pages, links and menus added
Employers Survey page added with links and menu
installed sigplus (mp) to try graphics (not really what i want)

7/3/19 Downloaded zip files from Martin (wetransfer-4d4e20 contains [mainly] word documents, wetansfer-f15882 contains [mainly] images)
Call for Sites page added with links
Green Spaces Consultation page added with links
Public Survey (2015) page started with links
Festival in the Park (2017) page started with links
FNP Meetings started with links
Surveys Menu created with links
Meetings Menu created with links